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Top 5 Questions

Top 5 Hair Extension Questions

People do not realize just how much goes into research before changing your hairstyle. The extreme makeover shows on television create this fantasy where you can walk into a hair salon and ask your stylist to give you a surprise change. To be honest, very few people are willing to take such a risk. You want to ensure that by the time you get your new hair style, you are absolutely sure about what you want. The same applies for hair extensions. You would like to make an informed decision as well.

Some of the top most questions related to hair extensions include:

1. Do Hair Extensions Damage your Real Hair?

Before you can plan on which hair is best to use and what mode of application you would want for hair extensions, you want to know whether these extensions will damage your natural hair. Who wants to get extensions, look flawless for a while and end up damaging their own hair? It could take a lot of time and work to recover from extensive damage. Additionally, extensions are supposed to solve your problems, not cause more.

2. How Much Do Hair Extensions Cost?

While you want to look like celebrities on the red carpet, you also want to be economical and not spend all of your money on hair. This is why everyone wants to know just how much it would cost to buy the hair, have it installed and maintain it. Hair extensions are priced from about $40 for really cheap synthetic hair to about $200 or more for high quality Remy hair. It also depends on the mode of application. Clip in extensions are cheapest whole fusion bonded extensions cost the most. Finally, you need to factor in the cost of installation. Here, the mode of application also plays a crucial role with clip in installations being free of charge since you do it yourself and fusion bonding costing even up to $1,500 to install.

3. How to Prepare for Hair Extensions

How do you prepare for hair extensions? You should have an appointment with your hairstylist before your hair extension installation. Here, you can color your hair to match the extensions, especially if you are going lighter. If you would just like highlights or prefer to have the extensions sewn in, then this is not necessary. Your hair should also be thoroughly washed with a clarifying shampoo to strip it of all oils. This creates a suitable base for the stylist to work with in applying your extensions so they can last long.

4. Washing Hair Extensions for the First Time

How long should you wait before you wash your hair extensions after they are installed? This is a sensitive question since some people have extremely greasy hair and would need to wash it often. The standard waiting time for washing the extensions is 48 hours for tape in extensions specifically. This time is sufficient for the adhesive to stick in place so that washing it will not loosen it in the process. The same should apply for other methods of application except for clip in extensions which can go a long time before washing since you can remove them once you get home.

5. How Long Do Hair Extensions Last For?

Hair extensions last as long as you want them to. This might come as a shock to many but the truth is that hair extensions last because of proper care. If you do not take proper care of your extensions, they will get matted, tangled and dull very soon, even if they are pegged to last months. The standard lifespan of medium to high quality hair is four to about eight months. During this time, you could have the hair installed all through, depending on the mode of application you use. For tape in and micro link extensions, you would only need to revisit your stylist for retightening of your extensions.


Each and every one of these questions is important. Once you have these questions answered, then it you can confidently make a decision about whether or not you would like to get extensions. If you do, you have enough information to choose the hair you want, pick the mode of application and arm yourself with information about extension installation aftercare to ensure that your extensions last long enough. After all, you do not want to spend a lot on hair extensions only to waste the money because you did not pick the most suitable option or practice aftercare to ensure your extensions stayed in longer.