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Hair Extensions

Definition of Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are also known as artificial hair integrations. They are strands of synthetic or human hair that are attached to your own hair in order to add length, volume, color or all of these. There are different types of hair extensions based on the type of hair that is used. The broader categories are two: synthetic or plastic fiber and human hair. Hair extensions can also be classified under the mode of application that you opt for.

Our hair extensions are 100% human hair cut from one single donor. We have 100% Indian Remi hair collected from the temple in India.

We guarantee our products to be 100% non processed virgin hair.

Method of Application

There are different methods of installation when it comes to getting hair extensions. The most common ones in the hair industry include:


1. Clip-in Extensions

These are put in using clips. They are temporary and are often used for special occasions to add length, volume or color highlight. The good thing about this mode of application is that you can put the extensions in and remove them as you please. They come in different sizes of hair for easier application in different parts of your head. Some people use top-hat clip-ins for thinning crowns or any other thinning part of their scalp. One of the notable disadvantages or shortcomings of this mode of application is that the clips often make the extensions heavy which is not desirable.


2. Tape Extensions

Tape extensions are widely preferred. This method of application, as the name suggests, uses tape. The hair stylist applies heat on the adhesive part of the tape and places your hair in between the tape to stick it onto your hair. Once installed, you cannot see the tape. Although you might have to go into the salon for reapplication, these can last up to four months. However, you are always cautioned against using conditioner and oil an=t the base of your scalp because it will loosen the tape.


3. Sew-in Extensions

This method of application involves creating a base by braiding your hair. Once that is done, the extension, which comes as a weft, is sewn in (over and under)0 the braid. This cannot be done on weak or extremely thin hair as it could lead to more thinning and alopecia due to the weight of the extension and the tautness caused by braiding. Sew-in extensions are also known as weaves and can last as long as you visit your stylist every few weeks to have the hair tightened.


4. Micro Link Hair Extensions

This is one of the best methods to use if you are going to do a strand by strand application. In this method, each of the single hair extension strands has a micro link at the base. The hair professional then attaches the micro link bead to the base or root of your hair and tightens or attaches it in place. Like the tape-in method, you are cautioned against using oils and conditioner close to the base of your hair as they will cause the extensions to slip off. These hair extensions can also stay in for a couple of weeks if well taken care of.


5. Hot or Cold Fusion Extensions

Hot or cold fusion application is the most popular and preferred modes of extension application. This method considers the health of your hair. The keratin bond used to apply the extensions is safe since your own hair’s structure is made of keratin. The hair stylist uses a hot rod, in the case of hot fusion, to apply the keratin bond at the base of your hair. You have numerous options in styling and heat application when using this method. The hair can stay in up to four months and can be reapplied depending on whether you used high quality or virgin Remy hair.


Now that hair extensions are common and popular, you might be thinking about getting some. After learning about the different methods of application that you can choose from, you also need to figure out why you want to put in hair extensions. There are a couple of reasons for wearing hair extensions. They include:

  • Adding length to your hair. If you have short hair and would like to get longer locs, hair extensions will help you achieve this
  • Adding volume to your hair. Perhaps you have long hair but it appears thin and does not have body and would like to change that
  • Experimenting with color and highlight
  • Using extensions as a safe way to change your hair color without having to process your own hair chemically


Hair extensions can help revamp and augment your look if properly installed. You therefore need to pick the type of extension and method of application before consulting with your hair stylist for the actual process of installation.